For Starters

Q. What is this blog about?

A. This blog is about the spirit of GlobeMed.

Q. Right…so what’s the spirit of GlobeMed?

A. So glad you would ask. GlobeMed is a movement of individuals helping other individuals. We don’t corporatize aid, and we’ll never sell out. While funneling aid from donors in one part of the world to another in need may be a necessity for areas of critical disaster, as soon as the media cycle is over that very same donor is easily detached and eventually disillusioned. When recipient remains faceless to donor, and donor to recipients, there is no connection, and no reason for continued giving. At GlobeMed we love continued giving. But we love connection even more. In our fundraising, GlobeMed fosters connection in the donor by showing them the faces, names and stories of the individuals their money will go to help, and then brining back evidence of the impact their money has made after it has been given. In the same way, we allow the recipient to see the names and faces of the people who saw their faces and heard their stories, and were impelled to give. We also facilitate a conversation between donor and recipient, where words of hope and thanks can be exchanged. In short, this is a blog that connection, and what individuals of any background or ability can do when empowered by that connection.



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