“Nothing about us, without us!”

Breaking news: the GlobeMed Board of Directors just named Maya Cohen, the founder of our chapter, as the new Executive Director of GlobeMed!

Unlike the rest of the network, we have seen the trajectory of Maya’s growth as a leader all the way from chapter founder through her role as Program Director. The bold vision that she embodies today was evident from the very beginning, and has become even more refined and firmly rooted over time. We cannot think of anyone better suited to carry our organization forward.

We weren’t the only ones who were proud when we heard the news. Here’s what Pamela, Director of GWED-G, had to say:


This is a slogan and a principle from movements tired of other people coming up with solutions to their problems without fully involving them. The students working hard to support causes in Global Health around the Global World need to be involved in the process of their own leadership, both because it’s morally right and also because it makes common sense to seek guidance, ideas and leadership from within themselves.

If we want young leaders to grow, we need to involve them in leadership so that they begin to take responsibilities of their own decisions. Practically I saw Maya crafting these little ideas right from Gulu Northern Uganda where traces of conflict, war and violence are still evident. Maya struggled with her development questions and asked me one day that, how are you managing all these? I said, It is a process, a thread running through your organisation, not just unconnected events. And the biggest effort is that you need to connect each of your new learning and working activities to better serve each other! I am encouraging all of you to join the boat, because I’m sure, we shall be there to support weaving your developmental questions that you can turn it into global support. I must say that ‘‘Donors are not the Bankers of Development, but are practitioners who need to learn from experiences, as all practitioners do.’’ Bravo GlobeMed, Bravo GlobeMed Columbia!

With love and admiration, we congratulate our dearest friend, Maya.

(And isn’t Pamela just great?! As always.)


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