Greek Life and GlobeMed Go ‘Around The World’

On Saturday November 19th, GlobeMed and the brothers in the Sigma Nu Fraternity came together to put on a fun-filled trivia night. The event was held at the Sigma Nu house, with a $5.00 entry fee. All of the proceeds went directly to GlobeMed so that we can reach the goal that GlobeMed and GWED-G have decided on. Trivia night turned out to be a blast and many people from Columbia University came to support the cause. Not only was there an amazing turn out, but a lot of people also had the chance to learn about GlobeMed, and become more aware of their world (through trivia). Furthermore, the committee would like to give a huge thank you to the Sigma Nu fraternity, because without them, this amazing night would truly not have been possible. All in all, the trivia night was amazing and we are looking forward to working with the Greek Life at Columbia University in the future!


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