Exploring Dubai

After a VERY long 13 hour flight from New York to Dubai, the five of us decided to venture out into the city to start off our 10 hour layover. We first got in a “Ladies’ Cab,” knowing only that we were going to the Dubai Mall. We weren’t really expecting all that came, but soon discovered that this part of Dubai is somewhat of a cross between Las Vegas and DisneyWorld. Hopefully more exploring will give us a more holistic picture of the city! Right now, we are on a break from the 100 degree heat, sitting in the lobby of a hotel in which we feel quite underdressed. We are trying to figure out where to go next on the little money that we exchanged to dirhams. Meanwhile, take a look at some of the pictures of a fountain show and the tallest building in the world, both of which we got to see at the Dubai Mall! Stay tuned for our next blogpost which will be from Gulu!


2 responses to “Exploring Dubai

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