What is GROW?

Welcome to GlobeMed at Columbia’s GROW blog!  This will be updated multiple times per week during our four-week long trip to Gulu, Uganda to work with our partner organization, Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G).  You can learn more about GlobeMed, the Columbia chapter, and our partner organization on other tabs of this site.

First, what is GROW?  GROW stands for Grassroots Onsite Work and is an integral part of GlobeMed’s partnership model.  GROW offers the opportunity for interns to form relationships with members of their partner organization and partner community.  Additionally, it allows the partner organization to better understand GlobeMed’s work and mission, and to share resources and information that will help the chapter raise more funds the following year.

The three primary goals of the GROW trip are:

1) To strengthen, add to, and expand programs, resources, and knowledge of the partner organization for the purpose of having a positive impact on their community

2) To engage in mutual learning in order to strengthen all aspects of the partnership

3) To ensure long-term stability through evaluation and strategic planning

Stay tuned for updates when we arrive in Gulu!  Don’t forget to comment, ask questions, and give us any ideas you have – we’d love to hear from you!

Lots of love,

Katelyn, Lexa, Lillian, Livy, and Nicole

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