GlobeMed at Columbia in the GlobalGiving Photo Contest!

GlobeMed at Columbia received exciting news the other day that one of our photos from our GROW trip will be a finalist in the annual GlobalGiving photo contest (vote here!). We are immensely excited that the subject of our finalist photograph is Zainabu, an HIV postive mother and beneficiary of our project.

Zainabu is the treasurer of her Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). VSLA is a banking method instituted by CARE International that is meant as a way for groups of people to collectively save their money to use for community development or welfare. As the treasurer, Zainabu records weekly contributions of all VSLA members.

A few years ago, Zainabu would never have been able to be the treasurer. She was deathly skinny and hid in her house for fear of stigmatization by her peers. After attending GWED-G sensitization campaigns and prevention of mother to child transmission counseling, Zainabu has developed a strong leadership role in her community and is confident that her next baby will be born HIV free.

She now proudly says, “AIDS will not kill me.”


Zainabu is featured in GlobeMed at Columbia’s submission to GlobalGiving’s annual photo contest!

Voting for the photo of Zainabu in the GlobalGiving photo contest will help GlobeMed at Columbia win $1,000 for our HIV prevention and maternal health project with Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G).  That money will allow many more HIV positive mothers like Zainabu to have healthy babies and rise as leaders in their communities. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and whoever else you may cross paths with to vote for our photo so we can help more healthy babies into this world.

You can vote for the photo of Zainabu here using your email address. Voting takes place between August 1st at noon and August 15th at noon. So please make sure you take two minutes to get your vote in before the contest ends!


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