ghU: A History of Human Rights

This week in ghU we explored the history of human rights through a video created by the The Venus Project. We then discussed how historical events shaped the development of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Chapter members criticized the UDHR for its favor of Western nations’ ideas and practices, and for the failure of those nations to properly uphold the values championed in the UDHR. We also had the privilege of hearing the perspective of Pamela Angwech, the executive director of our partner organization, GWED-G. Pamela urged chapter members to view development through a human rights lens, and the need to keep human rights in mind when providing people with their basic needs.

Check out the link to the video below! Think about what parts of history it emphasizes and why, and whether you might have included something different. It’s important to remember that this project attempted to cover 3,000 years of history in the space of 10 minutes; that being said, it is also important to analyze everything critically. Our chapter had a particularly heated discussion about the pros and cons of the video, which helped us understand what values each person emphasized and the importance of different perspectives.

A History of Human Rights


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