ghu: United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

This week’s ghU focused on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. The UDHR was created in 1948 in response to the scourge of WWII. Not only is the document now 60 years old,   but it was also created by predominantly Western nations. Does this general, Eurocentric document still reflect the dignities that every man and woman should have? Furthermore (and perhaps a more important question): what are human rights?

To address these issues, members categorized the 30 articles of the UDHR into groups of social-cultural, political, and economic rights. Later, members debated which of these rights contradicted each other, were most important, and had historically been neglected. Many were disappointed by the UDHR’s failure to support marriage regardless of sexual orientation. Still more were frustrated by the ambiguity of some articles. If many of the UDHR’s rights can’t be concretely enforced or defined, does it weaken the accountability of the document as whole?

For those of you who missed the meeting, check out this YouTube video on the UDHR:


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