Events: GlobeMed Fall Gala

GlobeMed at Columbia will be hosting our annual Fall Gala this Thursday, October 25th. The Gala is a chance for GlobeMedders and their close friends to come together for food, drinks, and laughs. It also serves as a fundraising opportunity for GWED-G, our partner organization. The theme for this year’s Gala is Halloweentown Prom! Guests are encouraged to dress accordingly for the event.

The Gala will be held from 9-11 PM at the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity house on 114th Street. Tickets are $12 when bought in advance and $15 at the door. The link for purchasing tickets is below:

GlobeMed Galas are one of the most fun and entertaining traditions of our chapter, and we are very excited to see everyone and have a great time on Thursday! Any extra donations for GWED-G are also welcome. We hope to see all our chapter members and friends there!


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