David Loewenguth


When Susanna met AMAHORO and asked how could CHABHA help, the leaders asked for
assistance to get the children back to school. The partnership developed to incorporate
more activities and ways to support the children with health, psychosocial support
and vocational training for the older children. CHABHA is now partnered with three
grassroots organizations in Rwanda and one in Bujumbura, Burundi. Our approach
remains the same in the capacity development of our grassroots partners. The
association leaders and CHABHA staff together develop sustainable programs for the
CHABHA (Children Affected By HIV/AIDS) started partnering with community-based
grassroots organizations in 2003 in Rwanda when founder Susanna Grannis was invited
to speak at an HIV/AIDS conference in Kigali, Rwanda, where she met the leaders of
AMAHORO. AMAHORO was the first association in Rwanda started by orphans of AIDS
for orphans of AIDS. Children from child headed households formed it in 2000 to help
lower the stigma their younger siblings experienced coming from a home affected by
AIDS. They gathered weekly sharing resources and teaching the children vital life
lessons through games, and traditional songs and dance.

Prior to joining CHABHA, David worked as a College Administrator at Long Island University
in Career Development and Student Leadership. In 2009 he moved to Rwanda for a
year volunteering with CHABHA and in March of 2010 was named the Executive Director
of CHABHA. CHABHA is committed to working with community-based grassroots
organizations in sub-Saharan Africa that provide support for orphans and vulnerable
children from AIDS.



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