Spring Retreat!

GlobeMed at Columbia kicked off the spring semester this Sunday with our biannual retreat! Retreat is our chance to bond as a chapter and get excited about upcoming events, and this year’s retreat was one of our best. Everyone brought delicious food and we took some time to just hang out and enjoy talking and catching up with our members over dinner.

After eating, we started the night’s activities by rewarding our most successful individual giving members with a chance to pie an eboard member! Isabelle, who raised the most money, chose to pie Connor, and Olivia, who got the most people to donate, chose to pie Lexa.



Our new Community Building Director Nayan led us in an icebreaker where we asked yes/no questions to determine the name of the celebrity taped to our forehead. The laughter and bonding continued with an obstacle course competition. We led blindfolded chapter members through an obstacle course, guiding them with only our words, and we are happy to report that everyone emerged unscathed.




We spent some time in campaign teams planning our the semester and setting goals, and then we took a fabulous break to watch GlobeMed at Columbia’s personal hero, Beyonce, dazzle the world with her Super Bowl halftime show.


Our ghU leaders hosted a competitive and fast-paced game of Jeopardy: Uganda History Edition. We learned many new things about the country and improved our understanding about the environment our partner operates in. The night ended with a serious and reflective exercise where Nayan put up a controversial statement about healthcare and we arranged ourselves in a gradient based on our degree of agreement with the statement. After everyone moved towards the “agree” or “disagree” side of the room, members shared their reasoning. We had some powerful discussions about cultural relativism, free will, practicality versus idealism, and the commodification of the human body.



Then we watched the last two minutes of the Super Bowl.

It was an evening of sincere friendship, thoughtful conversation and meaningful preparation for an awesome semester. We are thrilled with our new members and consistently amazed by our old members. Thank you all for a fantastic retreat!



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