Uganda at Last!

View of Kampala from Hotel

View of Kampala from Hotel

We made it! That’s right, after about twenty-four hours of travel, the 2013 GROW team is finally in Gulu, Uganda at the home of Pamela, the head of our partner organization GWED-G. Though the travel may have taken almost an entire day, between on-flight movies, books, each other’s company, and a few much-needed snoozes, it seemed like no time at all. First, we met at JFK around 2:30, and then we hopped on our flight to Brussels, where we had a five-hour layover. Fortunately, the Brussels airport sports some pretty nice couches on which we were able to nap!

When we got to our gate to take off for Kampala, we were surprised to find that about 90% of the people onboard the flight were American Christians on missions to construct various facilities or provide some sorts of aid. We were unsure how to feel about what we saw – on one hand, it was great to see so many people passionate about improving conditions in Uganda, but on the other hand, it troubled us how few of their projects seemed to be sustainable.

Upon arriving in Uganda and passing through immigration, Franny Acoko, GWED-G’s project officer in charge of the HIV/AIDS prevention, sensitization, and awareness campaign that our chapter of GlobeMed funds, was waiting. She ran to give us all big hugs, which made it feel like we were coming home after a long time away. Franny took us to our hotel in Kampala, where we spent the night, and then in the morning we hopped back in the car and began our five-hour drive north to Gulu! On the way, we got to enjoy beautiful view of hills, rivers, and trees, as well as a few baboons!

Road in Kampala

Road in Kampala

Now that we’re here in Gulu, we’ve just been enjoying the company of Pamela and Franny, eating, resting up, and looking forward to what’s to come!

GROW Team out.

– Conner Fox


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