2014 Spring Retreat!

GlobeMed at Columbia had a blast this past Sunday at the biannual spring retreat! We’re very excited to welcome 7 new members this semester, Karol Francisco, Christie Corn, Shruti Parikh, Andrea Pacheco, Maya Ramachandran, Sophia Kang, Rachel Kopunova, and David Streid!

Our co-presidents, Nayan Lamba and Helen Zhou, kicked things off with a warm welcoming to both the new and old members. We started off the night by getting to know a little bit about our new members, including what their spirit animal is as everyone finished dinner. A wide range of spirit animals were mentioned, from dog to hobbit, making it safe to say that we have a creative group! 



After introductions finished, our director of Community Building, Tatini Mal-Sarkar, led us in an icebreaker activity where we asked yes/no questions to figure out what celebrity was taped to our forehead. As this ended we broke into campaign teams where our new members had the opportunity to get to know their team better and learn about the exciting events we have planned for this semester. 

After campaigns, Daniel Wang and Sonia Mankin, our ghU coordinators, led a game of Jeopardy where each team had to determine the answer to a question about our project with GWED-G or general Uganda trivia. This was a fun and competitive opportunity for new and old members to learn many new things about Uganda history as well as served as a refresher about GWED-G.  Once the answer was determined, the team would “Ask Pam” to see if they were correct. Each team fought to be victorious, but in the end Team Kitty Kitty and The Griffins was declared the champion.

After Jeopardy, the total made from our Individual Giving campaign was announced and Team Kick Butt was deemed the team that raised the most money. Seniors Lexa Koenig and Kathryn Lau had the most people donate and raised the most money, respectively. Thank you to everyone who reached out to their family, friends, and for everyone who donated and showed support for our project! 

The retreat ended with a challenging activity where a controversial statement concerning healthcare was displayed and members had to decide whether or not they agreed with the statement. As members shared their views on each matter, powerful statements  about culture, free will, politics, and practicality were among the many topics that facilitated the discussion of global health. 

Not only was the spring retreat fun and educational, but it also helped forge bonds of friendship among new and old members as we prep for an amazing semester with Globemed at Columbia. Thank you all for a great retreat! We can’t wait to see what this semester brings with such an awesome and energetic group!



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