Support GlobeMed Through Perkle!

GlobeMed at Columbia created the cause “Working Together to Attain Health for All” on Perkle.

The GlobeMed projects with GWED-G aims to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and provide much needed services in local areas. We are focusing on three main projects:

Part 1: Awareness and Education – The campaign focuses on the importance of getting tested, infection stigma, and awareness that treatment does not reduce the danger of the infection.

Part 2: Testing – GWED-G staff, lab technicians, and counselors offer HIV testing with on-site results.

Part 3: Economic Empowerment for 30 HIV+ women – An income generating project for thirty most vulnerable HIV-infected women of child bearing age identified by GWED-G staff during the first two phases of the project. These women receive personal counseling on topics such as good nutrition as a mother, healthy pregnancy, safe delivery, and antenatal care. They also become members of an income generating project, such as goat raising or farming, to ensure they can have a healthy diet and can afford health costs during and after their pregnancy.

Through Perkle, anyone can support this by shopping and saving at stores like (1.6% donation), Amazon (4.8%), Groupon (5.6%), Expedia.Inc (3.2%), LivingSocial (4.8%), Walgreens (7.2%) and (4.0%). Read more at


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