GlobeMed Spring 2014 Gala

Andrea Pacheco

Walking into ADPi’s brownstone last Thursday night, it wasn’t immediately clear that the event taking place was in fact a charity fundraiser. Almost one hundred students stood amidst the leather couches and taxidermy, chatting with each other, posing for pictures, and enjoying a wide assortment of drinks and tasty appetizers. Not until the lights were dimmed and co-presidents Nayan Lamba and Helen Zhou introduced a video clip of GWED-G’s founder, Pamela Angwech, talking about her inspiring work with HIV-positive women in Uganda, was it evident that everyone present was contributing to a much greater cause, on a much grander scheme than enjoying a fancy night out with friends.

This semester’s GlobeMed gala raised over 800 dollars for our partner organization in Gulu, Uganda. Members of the club and their invitees ate and drank at ADPi’s beautiful literary society house on 114th street, mingling and meeting new people. New members, especially, enjoyed the opportunity to get to know older GlobeMed members and hear stories and advice about the underclassmen years. Overall, the gala was a great success, both in terms of member bonding and fundraising to provide more resources to our partner program in Uganda!

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