World Day of Social Justice Campaign

Daniel Wang
“Social Justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations” – The United Nations
Last week, on February 20th, was the World Day of Social Justice, a day that advocates for the underlying principle that guides all social movements old and new. The United Nations General Assembly created the World Day of Social Justice in 2007 to recognize the exigency of problems that plague our modern world — problems such as racial and gender inequality, poverty, exclusion, and unemployment — through the lens of social justice. The creation of this day celebrates the progress of social development and highlights the many issues that still need change. Governments around the world have pledged to achieve “a society for all” in which justice, equality, and equity constitute the central values through their recognition of this day.
We at GlobeMed at Columbia University have long advocated for these values through our partnership with GWED-G (Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization), a non-profit in Uganda, and our joint dedication and struggle towards global health equity and gender equality.
In order to bring awareness to the importance of the World Day of Social Justice, GlobeMed embarked on a photo campaign to both highlight the issues that Columbia students fight for as well as the personal meanings of social justice. GlobeMed at CU stationed themselves along the Lerner ramps, flagging down passers-by, informing them of this campaign, and asking for their involvement. The diversity and the passi
on of the responses were extraordinary; they served as a testament to the rich academic, socially aware, and activist environment that we live in and which is constantly cognizant of the many issues that we still face as a modern society. Thank you to everyone who participated, and here are your photos!

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