Saturdays in the Park: Fall Chapter Retreat

Birthday (cheese)cake for the lovely Helen! (not pictured)

Birthday (cheese)cake for the lovely Helen! (not pictured)

On a crisp Saturday morning, some twenty college students congregated at Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park for the annual GlobeMed at Columbia chapter retreat. After an (unnecessarily) lengthy trek, we finally found ourselves in the anointed place at the anointed hour, and immediately began some heartfelt bonding via food. Every member had brought some sort of food that began with the same letter as their name. Some particularly salient examples include “natural grapes” and “mild salsa.”

"Do you have an arch enemy??

“Do you have an arch enemy??

Next, the chapter played some fun icebreakers. We threw a ball with questions written on it in the air, and whatever question your hand landed on had to be answered. Much fun was had, with such pertinent questions as “Who would your celebrity husband be?” Afterwards, we played mentor-mentee Olympics, to devastating triumph. The tasty conclusion involved a spin on the by this point traditional pie activity: every chapter member takes a bite of pie and says why they joined and why they stayed. This retreat, we had cheesecake to celebrate Helen’s birthday! At the end of the day, the chapter sat together for a ghU session on advocacy. Ortal, a GlobeMed alum from WashU, talked to us about current efforts, including the People’s Climate March, and introduced the possibility of future partnerships.

Though it was hardly the longest retreat we’ve had, nor the most knowledge-heavy, this semester’s retreat felt to me like a roaring success. I found myself truly enjoying the company of our chapter, new members and old, and appreciating them not just intellectually as I do at meetings, but as friends. GlobeMed genuinely is a community of like-minded individuals, and I was reassured to see that that shows just as much on a lazy Saturday morning as it does in Sunday chapter meetings. As for chapter official business, we’re terribly excited about our first big campaign: a Perkle fundraiser that allows you to save money and donate to GlobeMed, just while doing your usual back-to-school/very early Christmas shopping! Overall, the retreat kicked off the semester to a great start, and we’re eager to see what fresh developments the morrow will bring!

Sorority squats!

Sorority squats! Also, this was NOT everyone at the retreat.


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