Kicking Off Fall 2015

By Sophie Fain and Sheena Qiao

GlobeMed kicked off the year with a retreat to bond with new and returning members. It was interesting to see people from diverse backgrounds coming together for one cause: to fight for global health equity. We explored the history of Uganda and the work that GlobeMed does to sustain a long-term partnership. It was exciting and a little awkward to draw out hundreds of years of history (since stick-figures are only exciting to a certain level), but teaching each other the context of what we were engaging with was a great learning experience. We also got to know a little more about GlobeMed’s own history: how we started and how we navigated running the NGO through a student-body. In the first two weeks, we already learned of past mistakes and methods that did not work, for example just funneling money without providing the human resources needed to make a real impact and change lives.


A big shout out to the Columbia community for already having made our first Krispy Kreme fundraiser a success (we  sold out only a few hours into the event!) and for supporting our beads and bag sales. Looking forward, our gala is November 19, so get fancy and suit up! 


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