Acholi Beads

a GlobeMed at Columbia side project



The Story

Last summer, we met 10 artisans in Uganda through GWED-G.  There are 8 women and 2 men who we have formed a direct connection with.  As members of the Gulu community, these 10 people were affected by the civil war, and are now establishing their own economic stability by selling their work.  Because we loved their artwork so much and were so inspired by their stories, together we decided to sell their products here in the US.

The Product

These artists make beautiful jewelry out of recycled paper.  We have beaded necklaces, earrings, and other hand-crafted pieces for sale.

necklaces: 1 for $7, 2 for $12

specialty necklaces: $14

change purses: $5 – 10

earrings: $6

The Impact

100% of the proceeds go towards the incomes of our 10 artists.  By purchasing their products, you are directly helping them sustain their livelihoods and promote their overall well-being.

To purchase items or see more pictures, please email



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