Past Projects

Each year, members of our chapter travel to Gulu, Uganda to liaise with GWED-G, monitor and evaluate the outcomes of the past year’s project and plan new project’s for the coming year.  All projects are developed in tandem with our partner organization, but the actual act of implementation is done by professional GWED-G staff.

From 2010-2011, our chapter raised nearly $15,000 to implement a multi-part intervention in partnership with GWED-G to address HIV in Northern Uganda. First, we launched a major HIV education and prevention campaign, consisting of activities such as youth workshops, condom distribution, and destigmatization programs. Second, we offered testing outreach to rural areas where health facilities are lacking. This involved voluntary testing for individuals and couples. Finally, we supported 30 HIV-positive mothers (or women of childbearing age) who accessed counseling services on prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), antenatal care, and maternal nutrition. These women also received clean birth kits and supplies for an income-generating farming project.

From 2009-2010, our chapter raised $7,000 to enable 135 Ugandans to participate in income generating projects in the form of goat farming and cash crops. Those selected to participate were among the most vulnerable in the community, and the self- generated income from these projects has enabled them to meet their most basic needs such as school fees, more nutritious food, and access to health care.  Given greater economic means, the beneficiaries propel themselves forward, begin to reconstruct their homes post-civil war, and lead lives of dignity and hope.

To read more about our past work, please visit our past annual reports.


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