Current Project: Fighting HIV

This year, we are undertaking a $12,500 campaign to improve the well-being of individuals and communities in Northern Uganda through programs to prevent HIV, engage men and boys as allies in HIV prevention, and strengthen the capacity of community health workers.

We are taking a community-based, integrated approach that encompasses HIV prevention, reproductive health, psychosocial counseling, and local capacity building.

Phase 1 (Completed 2010-2011):

  • HIV prevention, destigmatization, and education campaigns
  • HIV testing and referral services in rural areas
  • Antenatal care, education, and counseling
  • Distribution of clean birth kits
  • Income generation project: nutritious crop provision, agricultural support, and business skills training

Phase 2 (2011-2012)

  • Scale up of successful practices from Phase 1: HIV education, testing, & advocacy
  • Engagement of men and boys as partners and leaders in the fight against HIV
  • Capacity building for community health workers
To stay updated on our progress, please see our publications.

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