HillTop, A History


In 2011, Columbia’s very first HillTop brought together over 100 passionate undergraduate students from over 16 universities of the northeast. That year’s conference explored the theme, “From Philosophy to Practice: Partnership as a Paradigm for Health Equity.” Speakers included Pamela W. Barnes (EngenderHealth), Peter Luckow (Tiyatien Health), Dr. Alastair Ager (Mailman School of Public Health), Dr. Bruce Charash (Doc2Dock), Christina Sass (Clinton Global Initiative), and many more!

Screen shot 2012-11-09 at 10.19.58 AM

In 2012, Columbia’s HillTop explored the theme, “From Person to Person,” the Ripple Effect of Grassroots Mobilization. Speakers included David Cohen (Village Health Works), Gabrielle Kurlander (All Stars Project), Martin Fisher (Kick Start International), Lilly Belanger (No Impact Project), Jamie Greenthal (Kiva International), Thenjiwe McHarris (Amnesty International), and many more!

Join us this year for HillTop 2013 – Politics, Culture and Business: Expanding the Conversation on Global Health!



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