About Us

What is GlobeMed?

GlobeMed is a university-based nonprofit organization that enables students and grassroots organizations around the world to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty. Through their involvement today, students commit to a life of leadership in global health and social justice.

Long-term, sustainable partnerships are at the heart of GlobeMed’s model of engaging students to make an impact in the health of communities around the world. Each of the 50 Chapters at universities across the United States has a partner in a grassroots health organization in the developing world. Together, the chapter and partner organization work to collaborate on specific projects, organize a global health curriculum on campus, and coordinate summer internships to work with our partners for 4 to 6 weeks each year.

Partnership is essential to improving world health.

GlobeMed’s National Office trains student-leaders, organizes network-wide programs and events, and provides financial and legal services for Chapters. The National Office is composed primarily of recent graduates and students.

GlobeMed at Columbia University partners with a community-based organization in Gulu, Uganda called Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization. Our chapter has about 40 active members and is managed by an executive board. We work together to implement long-term initiatives to better the health and quality of life of Northern Ugandans.

Throughout the year, we:

  • Host educational events on campus
  • Raise funds for our projects with GWED-G
  • Work on-site in Uganda for one month each summer
  • Learn to think critically about global health
  • Train passionate leaders committed to global health equity


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