Our Partner

Pamela Angwech, founder of GWED-G

“I encourage the initiatives that seek to advance the rights of women living with HIV/AIDS, and call on the global partners and friends to promote HIV/AIDS prevention in Northern Uganda. Remember, we are fighting another fresh war with AIDS!” – Pamela

Gulu Women’s Economic Development and Globalization (GWED-G) began as a support group for war-affected women who found refuge and solidarity beneath a particular mango tree in Gulu, Uganda. With the guidance of Pamela Angwech, young women started to express their struggle against violence, abuse, and neglect. Although she had been providing humanitarian relief to Northern Uganda through the World Food Programme, Pamela’s attention quickly shifted to the pressing need for women’s empowerment and community-based advocacy for human rights.

Map of Gulu

Thus in 2004, Pamela founded GWED-G, an organization whose mission is to strengthen the capacity of grassroots communities in Northern Uganda to become self reliant agents of change for peace and development.

GWED-G’s main focus areas include: health; human rights with an emphasis on women and girls; psychosocial support and counseling; research and advocacy; and economic empowerment.

GWED-G has received funding from partners such as Amnesty International, Open Society Foundations, and Care International. It also works in partnership with the local government and other agencies. Its array of holistic programs and impactful projects continues to benefit thousands of Ugandans each day.


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